Hi, I'm Victor.

I work in digital advertising where I focus on paid search and paid social channels, particularly Google and Facebook ads.

In addition to my work, I enjoy running, reading, and coffee.

You can find me on LinkedIn and email.



A collection of pet projects. Roughly in chronological order:

  • MarketingLytics - Paid ads M-o-M monitoring & email alerts
  • Auraful - Created as a fun way to learn eCom marketing
  • Automate - Repository of Google Ads scripts
  • Adfolio - GDN ad inspiration
  • UTM Ninja - UTM builder and concatenation tool
  • Numbirz - Percent change calculator with context generator

Hire Me

Turning your web presence into profit means turning your advertising investments into qualified, valuable, willing traffic. Pay-per-click advertising is an incredible way to do just that, but without an expert at the helm, those PPC investments can quickly turn into large amounts of wasted money.

Hire an Google-Certified Expert

At half the cost of typical PPC-servicers, I offer professional, effective campaign-building that translates to improved revenue generation from your PPC investments.

And unlike other professionals, I don’t just build a campaign, get paid, and leave; I continually communicate with my clients throughout the campaign, keeping them up-to-speed and working with them until we get quantifiable results.

Want help with your paid advertising? Find me on UpWork or send me an email.